Blog1: It's about me.......

Hello everyone,

Since this is my first blog writing, I am going to share some general information about me.

Personal Information

My name is SINDHUJA PATCHAIKANI. I am from Tamilnadu, Southern part of India. I got my bachelor degree in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING from ANNA UNIVERSITY, INDIA. I came to Japan in the year 2010 to do my higher studies. I got my Master of Engineering in ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING and Doctor of Engineering in Informatics Science and Technology from SHIZUOKA UNIVERSITY, JAPAN. Since April 2016, I became an employee of iPX co.ltd. working for Automotive OEM.


I started my research career in Prof. YOSHIHIKO KUWAHARA, Shizuoka University, Antennas and Wave propagation laboratory. I have worked in designing and optimization of MIMO transparent antenna for smartphone and multi-band vehicular glass antenna research team. My contribution in that was deriving a numerical algorithm to optimize the antenna design using MATLAB programming language interlinked with EM simulation software such as HFSS, CST Microwave Studio. Currently I am working on vehicular glass antenna HFSS simulation analysis and antenna modeling. I wish to focus my future research work in electromagnetics and automotive related domain.


  • I believe loyalty, sincerity, faith in you and hard work will make anything possible.
  • I use to set many short term targets to achieve my long term goal.
  • I create my own life path and walk through it. (i.e) don’t want to follow others foot prints.
  • Being helpful to others whenever possible.
  • My family members and friends are my big strength.
  • Last but not least, I strongly believe in GOD. (For me, GOD is nothing but it’s the positive vibration around you). etc.

Thank you for your attention. Catch you again through my next blog writings.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Kind regards,