Learning a foreign language

Hello everyone,

In this blog, I am going to share some information about learning a foreign language.

I am from India and I am living in Japan since 2010. From my personal experience I felt that, any person who wants to survive in any foreign country, one must learn that country`s language to lead a very comfortable and independent life.
Also people who wants to learn about other country`s culture language is very important.
Anyone can learn a language by joining a full time intensive certified course from a language school spending huge money and time.
But it`s not easy for the people who don`t have time and can`t afford money.
Also these certified courses are not guaranteed for one to get master in a foreign language.

So here are some tips or methods to get master in a foreign language without spending money or allotting special time,

  1. Make the language learning as like your daily routines such as eating, sleeping etc. Allotting a minimum time (even 10min a day) senses a lot in language learning.
  2. Set a simple and achievable goal for each level of learning. (e.g) Ten words a day etc. So that you don`t feel burden.
  3. Establish friendship with the native speakers. By this one can acquire the native style of the language. Also it helps to improve the listening and conversational skill.
  4. One of the most common barriers to conversing in a new language is the fear of making mistakes. It should be overcome and should not hesitate to converse.
  5. It’s a good practice to connect the language learning with your hobbies. For (e.g) if the hobby is watching movie, then watch the movie in the foreign language you wish to learn.
  6. Start writing your daily life moments (like writing diary) using simple words. It will help you to learn and use the vocabularies relate with your daily life.
  7. Start using gadgets that can assist you in your language learning.
  8. Engage yourself in some volunteer activities where you can get chances to learn and practice the language parallely.
  9. It is not necessary but still it`s a good habit to evaluate your language skill by taking language proficiency level test. That will give you confident and motivate you to continue the learning to next level.
  10. As per the saying, “Practice makes man perfect”, proper practicing of language will help you to get master in any foreign language.

The above shared contents are from my personal experience.
I feel that these tips have really worked for me. So I would like to share through this blog.

Thank you very much for your attention.